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Worry about something else! Dailys is the no-fuss way to record your team’s time and expenses, keep your projects on track, and issue accurate invoices.

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  • Intuitive

    Get up and running in minutes. Pre-load clients, staff, charge-out rates and contact details or enter them as you go along. Enter times and expenses in a few clicks, and generate invoices and real-time reports from anywhere.
  • Flexible

    Your business, your way. Load clients, projects and create your own tasks the way you want them. Set up your staff with access to all or part of the software. Choose the time increments that suit the needs of your business. Enter your own charge-out rates, expense types and change them as required. Adjust time-zones and currencies for global billing.
  • Accessible

    Work from anywhere - if you have internet, you have full access to Dailys. Follow your team’s progress in real-time to keep your costs in check, track the progress of your jobs and generate instant invoices.
  • Reliable

    Secure, fast and lightweight with automatic software updates and regular back-ups. No devices to buy, no downloads to install and no chance of losing your data if disaster strikes.
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  • Dashboard

    Get an overview of the information that matters! Keep up to date with your staff's progress for the week. Get a glance of your organisation's current workload to help you prioritise the work that really matters.
  • Users

    Appoint your staff as users and they’ll be ready to begin logging time straight away. Link each user to clients and projects, and assign them a charge-out rate; you’ll be ready to plan projects, manage workloads, monitor productivity and generate invoices.
  • Clients

    When you set up your clients in Dailys, you’ll fast-track loading of each new project, plus you’ll have an easy to access record of their contact details, previous work completed and the rates they pay.
  • Invoices

    Generating itemised invoices directly from Dailys is easy. Bill your clients for completed projects or jobs in progress, in any currency, at any time. Your invoices are easily editable too - if you need to adjust your hours and prices or add extra expenses - no problem.
  • Entry

    It just takes a few clicks to log time in Dailys. Simply select the hours or minutes you have worked, assign it to a client project or internal task, and select the type of work you have done. Log any expenses you incur by selecting from a list of fixed charges, or input ad-hoc expenses as they occur.
  • Projects

    Stay in control from the outset by creating a project, assigning team members to the job, and tracking the hours they spend completing their work. Get a real-time snapshot of a project’s progress anytime you choose.
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  • it's FREE for 90 days
    per user per month
    • Up to 100 Users
    • Unlimited Projects
    • Unlimited Clients
    • Unlimited Invoices
  • Missing Some Features?

    Customise Plan
    We offer the ability to modify the application to suit your needs with new features.
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